Outdoor Photography demands rugged and precise equipment that can be transported into the backcountry and handle the rigors and exposure of wilderness travel.  As as result, I use Nikon cameras and lenses exclusively.  Over the years I have moved from film to digital due to the great deal of flexibility and artistic control that digital affords the photographer in the field and studio.  Digital allows one to move quickly through a broad range of light conditions and capture tremendous range of color and exposure situations.  The digital medium also importantly frees me from the need to carry many rolls of film into the backcountry or abroad.  I am currently using Nikon D-700 and D-750 bodies and a broad assortment of Nikon lenses.  I haven't forgotten my roots though, and still use film occasionally for select photographs.


You may notice that John Lane Photography images frequently are in and around water.  This isn't an accident.  In addition to hauling my camera gear up and over mountains, I also use kayaks and rafts to get into the wild.  I have found the sea kayak, in particular, to be the perfect companion for outdoor photography.  Sea kayaks provide silent and rugged transportation and a very stable platform from which to take photographs.  For extended travel and adventures, my wife and I use Feathercraft foldable sea kayaks.  These boats are strong, relatively light, and allow us to travel anywhere in the world with our gear, catch a ride to the water and then self-support our open-water photo excursion.  For more information on these remarkable kayaks, check out the Feathercraft website.

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